Capital allowances can result in benefits gained either from fixed plant and equipment included in the purchase of a freehold property or similar items added in subsequent years, resulting in an initial tax refund in addition to subsequent reduction in one's ongoing tax liability.

  • What happens when I sell?

  • What documents do you require?

  • Why hasn’t my accountant done it?

  • When will you get your fee?

  • Who can benefit from this sort of claim?

  • Is this a criticism of my accountant?

  • How much will I get?

  • Why does it matter?

  • Is this just another loophole?

  • Why does a surveyor need to visit my property?

  • Is my refund taxable?

  • Will it cause me a lot of work?

So, you seem to be saying that providing I choose the right professional to carry out the work, don’t part with any up front fees, and don’t pay for any work until I have my tax reduction, I can’t go wrong!